Update from Integrative Healthcare Symposium

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium is a great location where all of the great minds in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  There were lectures on autoimmunity, pain, dealing with the brain and many more.Leaders. If you missed it, or didn’t get to see everything you can go to this site to get videos of the lectures.

Going through the exhibit hall you see a lot of the new technologies, ideas and brands that are coming to Integrative and Functional Medicine.  First, it is becoming apparent how technology is coming into the field. It is being used to help doctor’s note taking and communication with patients.  There were technologies like Living Matrix which helps doctors with their patient intake process and organize their data into and organized matter.  There were EMR companies, and several companies like Fullscript that help patients get various brands of supplements from one platform.

The great things about technology is that it is now being able to help patients with various illnesses.  They are now portable Hyperbaric Machines which can help patients with pain, Lyme Disease, Autism, concussions and more.  The Zyto Machine which can do kinesiology through a machine.  Two companies were there with neurofeedback units that can help patients with medical issues and athletes and executives are using to help maximize performance.  Genetics and Personalized Medicine seems to have to taken over Integrative Medicine.  There are  genetic panels for people to evaluate their general health, their ability to lose weight, maximize their athletic performance and more. Genetics and Personalized Medicine is definitely the future of Integrative Medicine, and probably medicine in general. The issue still is how do we use it , and what is treatable and what isn’t.

Supplements are always a big part of conferences.There is always some new hot product out there. The two main ones that I saw were the use of Bergamont and enzymes that help block digestion of gluten or dairy for patients with food sensitivities.  Designs for Health and Klaire Labs had versions of this there is potential stomach upset with the products, but they work well.

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium always has great information and great products. All practitioners and those interested in Integrative Medicine should attend.


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